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✨🎼KALIMBA THUMB PIANO-- Play like a pro!🎶✨


You don’t have to be a trained musician to play kalimba.

The perfect instrument for the “thumb thumbs!” Kalimba is a traditional instrument that originated in the African Region. This petite acoustic spectrum is ideal for traveling.

Music soothes and calms the mind and emotions.

✨🎼EXPERIENCE. Indulge yourself in a soothing sound experience. The Ore tines deliver a percussive and melodic sound when you pluck them with your thumb or fingers. 

✨🎼 FUNCTIONALAside from being accessible by anyone, Percussionists utilize these instruments to add subtle layers of sound in a recording studio, sound therapists use them for meditation and relaxation and you can enjoy these instruments at home however you please. Kalimbas are fun for any music enthusiast, regardless of background, age, or skill level.

✨🎼GREAT AS GIFT. Give this to your loved ones today and let them enjoy the tones and fun of this little instrument. 


🎼🎶Portable.Bring this little musical instrument wherever you go. Keep the rhythm always with you.

🎼🎶High Quality.Made of high-quality solid Sapele wood with ore metal keys.

 🎼🎶Safe Play. The keys are crafted with professionally processed ore which makes them elastic and durable. Round-edged design to protect your fingers from cuts.

🎼🎶Multi Usage. With its unique and compact design, you can use it as a decoration. Add this to your shelves of rare item collectibles! 

🎼🎶New hobby. Find a new hobby with this Thumb Piano! Enjoy playing and listening to soothing music. Don’t just sit in front of your screen during your free-time 

✨You'll never get a wrong note with Kalimba!✨

All Kalimba tines are tuned to a specific frequency scale where they complement each other-- the instrument that allows you to mix all the notes!


Piano Size: 6.5*5*2.2cm

Material: Sapele wood with ore metal keys

Keys: 8 Keys

Package Details:1* Kalimba Piano + 1* box/case

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