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Seamless Silk-Base Hair Topper

Light Blonde
Light Gray
Red Brown

Thinning hair at the top of your head?
Cover it up with this Magic Hair Topper Clip!

The One-Clip Topper adds more volume and hides thinning hair. It's the perfect solution to top thinning and seamlessly looks natural. There are different colors to choose from to ensure you find the best fit and right shade of your hair. These are hair-dye safe, too. The clips already attached with the topper ensure no more hassle of glues and pins. And since it firmly stays in place, even on a windy day - it will not be revealing your secret.

It is a hairpiece, not a full wig, anyone won't know you are wearing anything. Perfect solution to conceal thin hair, gray hair, hair loss.

For those who need a little more coverage and length but are not ready to wear a full wig.


  • EASY TO WEAR - No extra tool needed, the clips are already attached and are ready for instant use, no need for glues or hairpins.

  • FULL COVERAGE - Instantly hides thin spots and provides full coverage in just seconds

  • NATURAL-LOOKING - It blends with your normal hair, making it seem completely normal.

  • BREATHABLE - The net allows your scalp to breathe though being covered by the Volume topper.          

  • FIRM AND SECURED- It firmly stays put even on a windy day.

  • CUT AND DYE - You can cut it to match the length, you can even have it dyed.


  • WASHABLE - You can wash and dry it and use it again.


How to apply?

1.Open all of the pressure sensitive clips.

2.Secure front clip 1-2 inches behind front hairline. Apply light pressure as your smooth base back; secure back clip(s).

3.Secure both side clips, keeping base taught and flat to head.

4.Style and blend hair.



Material: Hair Silk / Synthetic Hair
Length: 15-22cm
Color: White, Light Blonde, Light Gray, Black, Toffee, Gold, Red Brown, Chestnut

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